Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This story is a little embarrassing, but it explains why I've had Speedos on my mind...

A few weeks back I went lap swimming for the first time in years, like three years.  Naturally, I hadn't worn my lap swimsuit in three years either.  As I was coaxing it over my body I could feel the elastic snapping everywhere, not because I'm any bigger but because time and chlorine are none too kind to elastic.  I didn't think much of it until I began swimming and realized that no amount of pulling at my swimsuit would keep my right butt cheek covered as I glided through the water.  This was particularly unfortunate as the lifeguard was perched only one lane away from my bare butt, which swam just under her every minute or so.  I swallowed my pride and swam half a mile before my buns and I sheepishly tiptoed back into the locker room.

When I got back home I immediately found a new swimsuit on Amazon and had it sent Two-Day Air.  Resolving never to show my ass at the YMCA again.

It wasn't my intention to create a Speedo-like manicure at the time, but after I finished photographing my nails I realized that it looked remarkably like a Speedo or two I had come across in my search.

To achieve this look I started out with a clear base coat.  Once that had dried I stamped each nail with Cheeky plate CH2 using Konad Black.  I then taped off a diagonal guide across each nail and painted the tip-edge of each nail with Essie Jamaica Me Crazy.  

I also see this look working for a gymnast or just for a crazy girl that likes zebra stripe and hot pink - like me!

Thanks for reading and not laughing at my humiliation. :-)

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