Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Butterfly

I've had this feeling for the last few weeks that Earth Day was approaching, but I wasn't entirely sure and I hadn't looked to see when it was.  While I love me some Earth and do my part to save our planet, it's not one of those holidays that I have embedded in my mind.  But my new nail obsession and blogging has me looking for any excuse to do a themed manicure.

When I awoke this morning and saw that it was Earth Day (thanks, Google) I immediately started sifting through my stamping plates for anything Earth related.  I came up a little short but banged out a manicure using a recycling symbol and a globe, but I'll be darned if it didn't turn out to be one of the least tasteful manicures I have created to date.  I told myself to swallow my pride and post it anyway, but, well, I just couldn't do it...

I have been anxiously awaiting some nail plates that I ordered on Etsy a few weeks ago, They were shipping from Israel, so the impatient one inside of my was anxiously checking the mail every day hoping they had arrived.  Today was finally the day that I received my new nail plates and I sure wasn't disappointed - they are just as amazing as I had hoped they would be.

Long story short - I decided to show you a beautiful butterfly wing manicure rather than a tasteless recycling manicure in celebration of Earth Day.

For starters I slapped down one coat of Zoya Marley as a base.  Once that had dried I used the sponging technique to create a gradient using Essie Going Incognito, Zoya Robyn, and Zoya Tru.  I then used Nailz Craze NC 01 to stamp butterfly wings on each nail using Zoya Noot.  For a little shimmery sparkle I topped all of that with two coats of Essie As Gold As It Gets

I'm so super-duper in love with the plates I received from Nailz Craze and can't wait to create more beautiful manicures.

Happy Earth Day!  Celebrate and love the Earth today, and EVERY day.  Toodles!

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