Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I've seen many a beautiful and well done glitter gradient kicking around on the internet and while I've tried it several times I've never quite gotten it.  This time however I was determined to not fail and went straight to work with high hopes.

...and I must say I was thrilled with the results.  For this look I used China Glaze Glitz N' Pieces, which is easily in my top three favorite glitter polishes.  I love the array of shapes and sizes.  The downside to using this glitter polish is that cleaning up around the cuticle area is rather challenging and leaves the perfectionist in me wanting, but perfection is boring and a little extra glitter in one's cuticles never killed anyone!

I'm also head over heels for Essie Maximillian Strasse-Her.  It's such a dreamy blueish-green it might surpass my love for OPI Thanks a Windmillion - THAT's how much I j'adore this color!  For an accent finger I painted my ring finger with Zoya Marley.

For those who are curious as to how I achieved the glitter gradient, I just dropped a bit of the glitter polish near my cuticle and used a small piece of makeup sponge to distribute it over the area of the nail I wanted covered.  Easy, peasy - simple as that!

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!  Toodles!

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