Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Inspiration

Valentine's Day is approaching and it seems you either hate it or you love it.  I love it!  Sadly, Jeff and I are rarely able to spend Valentine's together, as is the case this year, so we are celebrating a week early.

I started this cute manicure by painting my pinky, index finger, and thumb with three coats of China Glaze Something Sweet, topped with two coats of Revlon Girly, which is a milky, semi-sheer lavender with blue, pink, and magenta glitter - so pretty!

Next, I painted my ring finger with Zoya Kelly, a dark slate grey, and my middle finger with Essie Licorice.  Licorice is by far my favorite black polish - it is very easy to apply and offers great coverage in 1-2 coats.

To finish off my ring and middle fingers I used Scotch tape to tape off the point shape, which I then filled with three coats of China Glaze Something Sweet.  Once dry, I removed the tape and used a lavender nail art tape (which can be purchased here) to give the points a clean edge.  This was the first time I used the nail art tape on myself, so it's a bit more rough than I would like it to be, but practice makes perfect.  So don't get frustrated if you struggle at first.

May the next few weeks bring lots of love your way, my dears.  Toodles!

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