Saturday, February 9, 2013

To Prime or Not to Prime? (pt. 1)

Always prime!  Let's talk eyeshadow primers, which in my opinion are the most important primers of all.  Eyeshadow primers allow better pigmentation of your eyeshadow, prevent creasing, and keep your eye makeup from traveling to places it really doesn't belong. 

The first primer I ever tried was NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.  This slick tube comes with a doe foot applicator, which can be seen here.*    I love the texture of the NARS primer, it is very creamy, goes on even and does the job.  The NARS is definitely my favorite primer but it is a bit pricey for the amount of product you get so I do rotate it with other less expensive primers.

*(Despite coming with an applicator I always wipe the product onto my ring finger, share with my other ring finger and gently pat the product all over the upper lid, up to the brow bone and under the eye.  The skin around the eye is very delicate, by using your ring finger to apply product it prevents aggressive pulling of the skin or pressure placed on the eye area.  Excessive pulling of the skin around the eye can cause premature sagging and wrinkles - no one wants that!)

The Original Urban Decay Primer Potion is another one of my go-to primers.  The formula has a nice consistency, is very creamy, and does a great job at preventing creasing and smudging.  The formula is a little on the thick side - I have found that I need to be careful that the primer has been distributed evenly across my lid.  On a few occasions I have ended up with visible smudges of primer on my lid.

My third go-to primer is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  Like the others this formula does exactly what it is supposed to do.  The Shadow Insurance is on the thin side, which I actually like as it is easy to distribute evenly across the lid.  I had a previous tube that separated a bit, but I was still able to make it work.  The tube I am currently using has not shown any signs of separation.

Next up is another Urban Decay Primer Potion, this time in Sin, which has a lovely champagne shimmer.  I love to use this primer when I am planning to do a glittery, golden eye makeup.  Like Urban Decay's other primers this one is quite thick and the champagne shimmer is dense.  If I want a dramatic evening eye I can get away with using Sin on its own, however if I want to use it for a day look I mix it with some of the UD Original primer to make the shimmer more subtle.

Last but not least is Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight.  This primer is the perfect marriage of sheer primer with subtle golden shimmer, and like the other Too Faced primer is a bit thinner than others, therefore it goes on even and does the job it's meant to do.

I hope this helps in your priming ventures.  Prime away, Pretties! 

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