Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black Pearl

The Zoya Pixie Dust manicures continue today with Black Pearl.  This post is going to be brief because after caring for my nieces and nephews, who have been down with the flu, for the past week it has finally caught up to me and now I have it too.  Without further ado here is Black Pearl.

I've been meaning to share with my readers my excitement about stumbling across the premiere issue of a consumer nail magazine called Nail It!.  What was also very excitement about the release of the magazine was that there were free nail wrap samples from Kiss inside.  Before this I had been quietly sitting on my soapbox thinking that nail wraps are for cheaters, but since I received a free sample I had to try them out, right?  While I can't say I'm totally sold on the idea of nail wraps, they can add a beautiful punch to a simple manicure.  

And then yesterday as I was thoroughly scouring the nail section at my local drug store I happened to come across the exact set that the nail wrap shown here came from.  So, I had to pick it up, right?  I mean I couldn't just walk away, could I?  So, you may see a few more manicures using Kiss nail wraps in the future.  The biggest downside to using them is that they don't last long.  
By the end of day one my wrap was beginning to peel up.  So, don't expect to get long wear out of them if you give them a try.

Back to the Black Pearl manicure - I started with three coats of Zoya Dahlia on four fingers, and the Kiss nail wrap on the fifth.  I added some three dimensional dots using half moon pearls.

What do you think of nail wraps?  Have you given them a try?

Keep painting, Pretties!

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