Thursday, March 21, 2013

Inspiration Thursday: 70s Wallpaper

Call me crazy, but I love the funky colors and patterns of the 70's.  I don't know that I could actually live in a home with green shag carpet and walls covered with large scale flowers in goldenrod, yellow, and brown, but a little accent here and there makes me happy.  

While this is supposed to be Inspiration Thursday I must admit that I had a vision in my mind and created it on my nails before I found an inspiration image.  So, I guess you could say that today is Reverse Inspiration Thursday.  After I created the design on my nails I started poking around and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to find several images that could have inspired this look.

Fabulous, right?  Or hideous - depending on who you are.  I just can't help but admire a time when people weren't afraid to surround themselves with such vivid color and bold patterns.

For this colorful manicure I used two coats of China Glaze Happy Go Lucky on my thumb, index, middle finger, and pinky.  Once that had completely dried I stamped these nails with Konad Orange special polish using Pueen plate 15.  On my ring finger I used two coat of Zoya Tracie.

I received my new camera a few days ago - soon, very soon, I will have nicer photos to post!

Find some inspiration and get painting, Pretties!

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