Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dree Spree

Before I get going on my next few posts I will warn all of my readers that my posts are going to be very Zoya heavy for the next few weeks.  I've had a modest collection of Zoya polishes for a while, but just recently discovered what an amazing selection of colors and finishes they offer - not to mention all of their polishes are vegan and the company is cruelty-free... what's better than that?  So, needless to say I have expanded my Zoya collection significantly and plan to share some of my favorite colors with you in the coming weeks.

For this manicure I started out with Zoya Dree, which is a creamy military green that immediately caught my eye.  One of my favorite colors is green but most of my green polishes tend to be fairly traditional colors, so this one got me very excited.

It doesn't show that well in the photo but Zoya Happi is a scrumptious pink with green shift.  To finish this look I applied gold metal stars to my index and pinky and used Cheeky CH5 stamp with Konad Bright Gold special polish to adorn my middle finger.

Happy Saturday, Lovelies!

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