Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Keep it Simple, Stupid...

I have been in New Mexico for the last four days to be with my mother while she recovers from a bad accident this past weekend.  Miraculously, she is going to be fine in time, how long that will be is yet to be seen...two weeks, four weeks, eight weeks... though already she has made remarkable progress.  She is a tough women who always takes life on with amazing courage and enthusiasm.  Her already exceptional progress is a testament to her ceaseless spirit, which never fails to impress and inspire me and others around her.

All of that being said, I am going to Keep it Simple while I am here helping my mother in her recovery.  Please accept this post as my entry into hiatus.  I promise I will be back - I will not forget about my readers and please don't forget about me.  I will be back!

I bid you adieu with this simple manicure.

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavendar, Nicole by OPI Inner Sparkle


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  1. Such nice words to say about your mom, she's lucky to have a daughter like you! Your nails look gorgeous too :).