Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Mexico Rain Clouds

I am still in New Mexico helping my mother while she recovers from her accident.  She continues to make extraordinary progress and her bruises and lacerations look better every day. 

New Mexico is in the middle of a dreadful drought - we need rain so badly.  I can see in my parents' backyard how parched the soil is and the danger of wild fires is extremely high.  The last few afternoons we have been blessed with sprinkles of rain - just enough to spot the flagstone.  It's not much, but it is a promising sign that the heavens are trying to open up on us, it's just too dry to squeeze the clouds of more than a few drops.  Every time it sprinkles I go outside and dance in the blessed drops and thank the clouds for giving what they can and hope they can give more the next day.

While in the shower yesterday I had an idea for a new technique that involved my mother's set of twenty (yes, 20) squiggly scissors. I tested several of the shapes and decided upon the one called Adobe...how very appropriate (I sit in a home constructed of adobes my parents made with their own hands).

I started out by painting each nail with two coats of OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender (light purple).  While that was drying I placed a piece of painter's tape onto wax paper.  I then cut the tape and wax paper into strips with the squiggly scissors.  Next, I cut each strip into nails sized pieces - you can see one in the photo below.

I removed the cut painter's tape from the wax paper backing and carefully adhered it to the tip of my nail and painted the remainder of my nail with OPI Gargantuan Green Grape (baby blue).  I repeated this process but moved the painter's tape a bit further up my nail bed and painted the remainder of my nail with the final color, Essie No Moro Film (navy blue).  

Please excuse my infrequent posts and cell phone pictures while I remain in New Mexico.  My camera and lightbox were not on the priority list as I rushed out the door ten days ago.

Thanks for reading.  Toodles!

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